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We schedule sessions in Aptos, CA, Kirkland, WA, Hawai‘i, and other locations globally. Please review our Introduction and About QHHT before contacting the practitioner of your choice:

Scheduling sessions in Hawai‘i.

Only spirit has quenched the thirst for satiation and longing to be fully met and understood in any constant and lasting way. Along with stillness, silence, and the shadow, moving meditations such as hiking and taking a hammer and chisel to stone have been some of my best teachers. In the past, a lot of energy was spent vacillating between dragging myself through the trenches to reveling in exultation. The sweet taste of dirt from those trenches is a revery somewhat faded by time, but still fresh enough to help me remember….life is not a dis-ease that any thing, a role, an image, an identity, a pill, a job, a cookie, or another human, will ever cure. Freedom found in the presence of sharing a moment without attachment or expectation of eventuality opens us up to a consciousness that expands us into eternity. As devotional practices deepen, energy bodies clear, and siddhis resonate with deeper levels of perception into more subtle realms. As my field of consciousness began to merge into a state of oneness; I could hear the crystals singing and I began to channel their voice. The universe has opened to include communion with all beings and a multidimensional reality. Communicating with the crystals, followed shortly by the trees, remain my first exquisite memories of awakening. A journey that continues to expand from complex to simple, from serious to innocent, pure, and sublime. The mystical middle path of quintessence sees only one way out and that is breathing through a center sculpted from the void. The heartbeat of that super nova draws us in with complete abandon; the only solace being the light inherent in the present moment.

If you are ready to see yourself in the eyes of love and compassion, and hold the hands of those virtuosos of courage, stepping into the transcendental fire of your soul’s desire to grow and evolve…know that you don’t have to go there alone. Let us begin that dance together. Maybe you are already a frequent flyer? Then lets share the slipstream of our co-creative inquiry and propel you to new profundity. A neophyte to flight? With care in earnest of your willingness to embark on a new adventure in consciousness… we invite you to feel the wind beneath your wings and learn to fly in a Universe limited only by your imagination.

Be supported to open your lens of perception and know yourself as a spiritual channel through your own voice with QHHT. Let us together find the key that opens the door to your willingness to believe that with the help of the Quantum Healing Technique, you can feel empowered to claim your Self, and the Source that shines through you.

  • Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, BA
  • College of Notre Dame, SF, CA, MA Clinical Psychology and Art Therapy
  • Professional Stone sculptor
  • Kundalini yoga meditation teacher
  • Crystal light worker
  • Mystic Designs Jewelry creator
  • Spiritual channel/consultant
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner

Scheduling sessions in Aptos, CA and Kirkland, WA.

Aloha! My name is Kealapono and my path is one of integration, of merging. Here to participate as guide to others on their path in embodying the aspect within that contains All. I enjoy the guidance I receive from that source as it leads me through a synchronistic dance of people, places, beings, and dimensions beyond to carry out the work I came here to do. Reminding me that I exist multidimensionally as a bridge to facilitate the healing necessary to balance and harmonize. Creating the space for others to do the same.


During my undergraduate studies at the University of Washington, I spent time learning Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Zen meditation with a world-renowned psychologist and Zen master. This experience opened me to the worldview of interconnectedness through mindfulness, and I began exploring practices around health and wellness, spirituality and mysticism, and community farming.


I now practice Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), a method of Hāʻupuʻupu, or deep remembering and connection with one’s source. Offering individual, partner, and group sessions using mindfulness, meditation, QHHT, and other multidimensional techniques.

I believe we are all channels of divine expression and our most important work is to live our joy. Every soul’s experience is of value, a unique form of expression within the all. Everything that you touch, experience, produce or create in your lifetime is an expression of your soul, and a valuable contribution to universal intelligence.

My life’s work as an energetic channel includes a vast array of creative expression through art and design from conception of an idea through the mechanics of realizing its physical reality. From tall buildings to small objects, the process of creating with integrity and balance is what I value most.

Currently my personal interests are focused on the song of the soul both literally and metaphysically. Whether it is singing my song or holding space for another to find their own, both are of equal importance, and both brought me to the practice of QHHT.

In QHHT your higher consciousness directs you to explore multidimensional and abstract phenomena that your conscious mind may not fully understand. Through heart centered integration, pathways of awareness can be created connecting your conscious mind with the collective intelligence of your soul-self or higher consciousness. This awareness enables you to realize capabilities and talents beyond what your conscious mind can imagine. This is where “I can’t” becomes “I can”.

Using QHHT to tap your own divine wisdom provides a fascinating journey for those interested in exploration. It would be an honor and my pleasure to assist in your journey towards expanded perspectives and realizing the joy of living your creative expression.

Explore, express and enjoy!

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Kealapono Richardson

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